New Facebook Update for Smart Phones

Facebook is making progress day by day, introducing more powerful and useful features in smart phone facebook application. With this new update many users are attracted towards facebook mobile app as it provides very easy to use and fabulous interface. I am going to enlist some new features, In my personal experience these features are stunning so don’t forget to try it once.

Moving Chat Threads

While using new update of facebook, I found char threads moving around the whole screen, when more than one thread is opened, if clicked randomly on screen then all thread are collected in a common space. Do try these features you will get know the awesomeness in these features.

new facebook Chat emoticons

Facebook New Chat Emoticons

Facebook introduced unlimited number of new emoticons for its users, besides these facebook also changed the concept of emoticons, this time you will see more expression, bigger and new faces and heads in emoticons. I am listing some of them see them and don’t forget to share these with other so that other may also get know about these new awesome features.

facebook stickers version 6.0 New facebook emoticons new facebook sticker emoticons


File Importing Features

With this update facebook included and extended new file importing features from external applications, like now you take real time photos and at the same time you can import them. Also you can record voices, in addition you can also use old facebook emoticons.

old facebook emoticons

Likes Comments Share

This new interface provides an easy view of pictures, you can choose to comment like and share just simple clicking on button which you will see on the same image you are viewing. In addition instead of taking screen shots just tap on photo to save the photo programmatically with the same dimensions.

share like comment facebook smart app

Facebook Code Generator New Security Feature

With this new security feature, if somehow your Mobile SIM  is not available you can simply just use your phone to generate a code which you can use for login from an unknown device, But you will need that phone from where code generator is activated, Simple go to code generator and activate code from this applications

facebook code generator


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